Sales Consulting
As A Service

We help you achieve sustainable and organic growth by putting your customers at the center of your company's strategy

Sales Strategy 

Design and implement a customized, localized and agile sales model to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness, and drive long-term growth.

Build a custom KAM road map for your organization and connect the dots across functions .

Close gaps in your sales strategy, sales design and sales execution to capture targeted growth opportunities and drive better business results.


Build and run a sales comp program that increases productivity, reduces the burden on sales leaders and comp teams, and empowers your sales force.

Lead Generation

Build  lead capturing  techniques that aim to peek the interest and the capture their information


Create lead magnet tools that provides suspects with value in exchange for their contact information 


Design effective landing pages those are simple , provides clear information and call to action.

Map a lead scoring  that helps prioritise leads depending on level of engagement with your  content.

Sales KPI

Defining company-wide and team-specific goals

Identifying specific actions that help in reaching each goal

Determining the best way to measure progress for every goal.

Develop Sales Org structure using  an inside or outside sales model, geographic or industry territory , product  , SMB/mid-market/Enterprise split.

Creating a process to find out potential clients and how to each them in a way to bring awareness to your product or service.

Account Management

Get a deep-dive analysis of your KAM capabilities and design road maps to address priorities and goals.

Develop deep customer insight and identify the right customer accounts and segments. 

 Build  the operating model for  customer engagement process, account planning and management.

Set-up of  relevant and meaningful metrics, cross-functional team and individual levels, and plan incentives to match.