Sales Consulting
As A Service

Consulting on sales strategy development


Consulting on sources of customers, inbound and outbound sources of leads generation process

Sales team structure & reporting, sales KPI and targeting


Customer engagement and account management processes,

Business Development
As A Service

Versatile, experienced, and low-risk sales lead generation.


Dedicated sales team delivering flexible revenue growth and hugely reduced time to market.


Tailored optimal sales process and sales techiques for your unique offering.

Sales Execution
As A Service

Your address in India

Represent in sales meetings, events, and road Shows 

Hold  presentation, write offers and conclude contracts

Find, train and coach  sales team.

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The smartest way to manage your Sales

Right Team. Low Cost . More Sales

How it works

Sales as a Seva offers a unique business model: our sales team works for you on a fractional basis, allowing you to save money while leveraging our expertise and experience.

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Our service gives companies a results-driven team of experienced sales professionals without the massive effort normally required to find, train and maintain a full in-house sales team., We won’t represent competing products, instead, we offer your product alongside complementary products, which means more sales for you and more incentive to them. It's a true win-win.


Sales as a Seva connects companies  with top sales talent and helps you get to your target market faster. They will be on the market as soon as possible! Needs-based, targeted, without lengthy preparation and resource building.Our sales leadership expertise has a clear and predictable ROI proposition that we think you’ll love..

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"The Cost Effective SAAS 
in the market"